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An overview


High quality food products are confirmed to be a significant component of the Italian agricultural sector.  They represent a competitiveness factor among local agricultural enterprises, and contribute to maintain and strengthen human settlements and agricultural activities in interior area, where they are present in 52.6 percent of Municipalities. From 2005 to 2015, producers increased by 38 percent; the female component was still very small, with only two women out of 10 (20.1 percent) among producers.


In 2015 the distribution of straight fertilisers in agriculture remained stable compared to 2014, with 0,10 tons per hectare of utilized agricultural area (Uaa); 1,279,679 tons of straight fertilisers (+3.7 percent) were distributed, while the total distribution of fertilisers decreased by 4.3 percent (4,047,366 tons). The use of active substances grew from 4,78 kg per hectare of Uaa in 2014 to 5,10 in 2015, for a total of 63,321,695 kgs (+6.6 percent over 2014).


Agritourism confirmed its structural upward trend, representing a key resource for the multifunctionality of businesses and for the national agricultural sector: between 2005 and 2015 agritourism farms increased by 45.1 percent. In the same time span the number of farms run by women increased by 2 percentage points, reaching in 2015 36.1 percent of the total.