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An overview

A virtuous management of waste should mainly stay on the line of diminishing municipal waste; morover the goal of European provisions is to reduce the residual share of the collected waste to be landfilled, in order to safeguard environment and human health.

In 2015,  a slight decrease of municipal waste, both collected and landfilled, was observed in Italy and in the majority of its regions. Separate collection accounted for  47.5 percent over the total of municipal waste, therefore it was above the goal established by the national provisions at 45 percent for 2008.

Between 1990 and 2014 Italy reduced its greenhouse emissions by 19.8 percent, passing from 521.9 million of tons of CO2 equivalent to 418.6. In 2014 emissions decreased by 4.6 percent to 2013, though less than the previous year (-6.4 percent). During the period 1990-2014 in the face of an increasing population of 7.2 percent as average, emissions per capita diminished by 25.2 percent.

Air pollution is one of the main environmental problems especially at urban level. In 2016 more than a third of households  perceived air pollution in the area where they live, while a fifth part of them complained for unpleasant odors  in the area they live in.

In 2015, bathing areas, represented by marine-coastal, transitional and surface water, were 5.518 in Italy. A slight increase of excellent quality waters to the previous years was recorded.